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Eatery Pulse News Media advances film production scope of restaurant documentary series

October 16, 2017 (Washington, D.C.) —Eatery Pulse News Media, a fast-growing trade news outlet and content marketing firm for the foodservice industry, has confirmed its restaurant film documentary series, which chronicles the changes in technology and its symbiotic relationship with the evolution of the restaurant experience. The documentary series will include two films, taking Eatery Pulse, the production crew and its producer, Rick Zambrano, on a three- to five-city journey, starting in Washington, D.C. and continuing in metropolitan areas of Texas, New England and beyond.

The film series is a culmination of a 16-year career in food-related businesses for Zambrano, who has been involved in financial analysis, publishing, content marketing, trend analysis, video production and work at a top-tier research firm.

“We couldn’t be happier today for Eatery Pulse and Ciné, our newly-formed film unit, to take on this project whole-heartedly,” says Zambrano. “I’ve received so much support and encouragement from peers and top executives in the restaurant industry. This was a natural progression for me in my publishing and news production career to tell the story of the restaurant industry’s relationship with technology entrepreneurs without implicit bias and from the consumer’s perspective, disregarding preferences for segments, specific restaurants/chains or regional attributes.”

Zambrano’s career was born in fast casual, and he later went on to be one of the earliest foodservice trade publishers to produce and distribute content on the three major app markets. His commitment to restaurant industry scholarship has seen him earmark Eatery Pulse news programming revenues assistance for those working toward a career in foodservice/ hospitality management in Washington, D.C. His insights and commentary have also appeared in major external foodservice trade publications and business magazines.

Through work in research, publishing and the restaurant industry, Zambrano’s growing acumen in tracking and reporting industry trends has been well-established, and includes a speaking engagement at the prestigious RCA Culinology conference in New Orleans and the anticipated multi-month work on this milestone documentary project.

“I’m eager to get started and to produce this film—expected to start by late January—and which will be free of charge to viewers and distributed on major viewing platforms, including iTunes,” adds Zambrano. “I’m also looking forward to re-engaging and interviewing top executives in Texas, New England and Washington, D.C.”

Eatery Pulse News, a fast-growing D.C.-based digital magazine, will release its holiday issue at the end of the month.

Eatery Pulse has also been revamping its news programming and is expanding its Eatery Pulse TV news channel nationally during Season Two (spring 2018), in addition to launching Swizzle [working name], a beverage-based YouTube news and lifestyle series in December. For more information on the documentary series, email To subscribe to Eatery Pulse content, navigate to

About Eatery Pulse News Media

Eatery Pulse News Media signals the arrival of a restaurant industry trade news network in online video format, accompanied by an informative, stylish, digital magazine for the D.C. area, and a live-events and direct- services platform managed by consultancy Studio Solutions EP. The all-digital news network responded to a need in Metro-D.C. for increased access for restaurateurs to cutting-edge news topics, best practices and hyper-local D.C.-area trends. Topics comprise technology, including mobile and IoRT, culinary trends and insights, marketing & social media, operations, and new concept design. Ciné is its newly-formed national film unit.

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