Eatery Pulse TV debuts Swizzle Chill

The Eatery Pulse TV News Network debuted its most exciting and energetic web boradcast to date in Swizzle Chill TV. Catch the latest episodes by subscribing on YouTube or on our mailing list at

We are here at Denizens Brewing in Silver Spring, Md., as part of our mission to discover the best food, drink and lifestyle in the Washington, D.C. area. Denizens Brewing is a popular hangout for locals in the eclectic, diverse community of South Silver Spring, near the border with D.C. Not only is Denizens a hangout, but a central part of the social fabric here in the area.

Denizens Brewing was one of the earliest breweries in Montgomery County, Md. to be able to sell beer produced on the premises directly to customers for off-premise consumption as part of changing laws that its co-founder, Julie Verratti, championed. In July 1, 2014 when the law took effect, Denizens was able to sell its first keg to a restaurant due to these changing laws.

Experience the brewery tour with Swizzle Chill TV Anchor Bryce Shemer and General Manager Stephanie Nale. Additionally, check out the story of the brewery straight from Verratti.

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