Revel Systems continues to grow on the wings of mobile point-of-sale popularity

Revel Systems, an iPad-based point-of-sale (POS) system company, has seen strong growth due to the growing popularity of mobile POS. As part of an array of advanced solutions, mobile POS is helping restaurateurs access added benefits, including back-of-house integration, a marketing platform and enabling more options for engaging customers. In this interview, we talk to Bobby Marhamat, Chief Operations Officer at Revel.

Eatery Pulse News: Please name the three (3) top uses of your mobile POS tablets—both in quickservice and full-service restaurants.

Bobby Marhamat: This truly depends on the type of vertical and number of locations, as to which features would be best for specific businesses. For our QSR (quickservice restaurant) clients, mobility has played a major role in their success.

For example, mobile order takers allow clients to process sales from anywhere on the floor, maximizing convenience and allowing employees to greet and guide customers. With mobile order takers, staff don’t need to run back and forth to process transactions at the POS. Orders are accurately communicated to back of house, decreasing food waste and increasing order accuracy.

Self-service kiosks enhance the customer experience with self-service checkouts while improving top-line revenue. As a result, we’ve helped our customers generate approximately 30 percent more orders.

EPN: When used in full-service restaurants (FSR), mobile POS is touted as improving accuracy. Have you seen any data that would help arrive at that conclusion?

BM: Our clients benefit increase their efficiency, and as a result, increase ROI. One of our FSR clients, Corbett & Claude, with multiple locations in Australia, uses our mobile order takers and reported a 15 percent increase in productivity. They also reported an increase in sales by 15-20 percent. Another FSR client, Pazar Food Collective with two locations in Australia noted that they save anywhere between 10-20 percent on wastage, and prior to using Revel they weren’t able to tell if the stock was broken or whether it has just disappeared.

EPN: Restaurant operators are often looking to deploy loyalty and CRM programs to better market to customers. What are some elements of advanced POS systems like yours in helping market to and engage with customers?

BM: Revel’s loyalty and gift card programs help our clients increase their customer retention, while simultaneously providing value to repeat customers. Nearly 25 percent of customers get frustrated when businesses fail to recognize them as having done business before. Loyalty programs allow businesses to interact with their customers on a different level and help them get to better understand their wants and needs.

Our loyalty programs are fully customizable, so our clients can have access to the format that best serves their business needs. Through a single portal, our clients can stay up to date on customer activity,

Revel recently partnered with FunWall, a one stop solution for social and tournament gaming, which enables restaurants, bars and other retailers to better entertain their guests and increase loyalty and foot traffic. The integration plugs directly into our loyalty program, allowing customers to earn loyalty points or prizes, all of which are redeemable at the POS.

EPN: Please name some Revel integrations with other software providers that can help restaurants increase sales and profits.

BM: Revel has partnered with Punchh, a provider of mobile engagement, CRM and marketing automation technologies for enterprise restaurant chains. Through the partnership, Revel is able to expand their reach into the enterprise market and gain deeper insight into the customer behavior using customer loyalty as the vehicle.

Online ordering is huge for restaurants now, and we partner with platforms like Zuppler, that help to make this a more seamless process. We’re giving our customers an easy way to get what they want, fast.

This was published previously in Eatery Pulse News.

Photo courtesy: Revel Systems

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