Eatery Pulse Media expands multimedia news platform nationally with Eatery Pulse Streem, Restaurant C-Suite


July 26, 2018 (Washington, D.C.) —Eatery Pulse Media, a fast-growing information services, consulting and content marketing firm, is expanding its multimedia platform nationally. Its newest industry publication for restaurant decision-makers, Restaurant C-Suite Magazine, will debut in September 2018. Additionally, to further serve the needs of top-level industry management, as well as better prepare additional industry executives and managers for the challenges of tomorrow, newly-launched Eatery Pulse Streem and its email blasts will curate the most relevant and meaningful industry news updates and present them weekly in web, 4K-UHD video, audio podcast, and mobile on-the-go formats, starting in November.

Eatery Pulse Streem will also publish original-source articles that are already published in Eatery Pulse restaurant trade industry magazines, in addition to Streem article exclusives.

Restaurant C-Suite Magazine, Eatery Pulse Media’s first national publication, will deliver primary source articles on a bimonthly basis to a national foodservice audience, while Streem will summarize and curate content from around the industry weekly. “Restaurant owners and executives benefit from a ‘Streem’ of seamless information services, delivered on the go and in a cohesive way,” says Rick Zambrano, executive editor.

“With the launch of Streem, we’re consolidating hundreds of news briefs and articles on one website, with information delivered to our subscribers and followers in just a matter of seconds. It’s a real time-saver and from a foodservice media perspective, unique and differentiated.”

The growing amount of content and numerous news brands within the food and foodservice industry continues to cause growing pains for readers, and create the need for visiting dozens of websites to follow top restaurant industry goings-on. With Streem, Eatery Pulse will consolidate much of that information, while continuing to build a primary source of content through a collaboration with dozens of content contributors and cut-above experts, adding original source content from Restaurant C-Suite Magazine in addition to audio and video web broadcasts over the next few months.

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“We’re taking the lessons from our D.C.-based 4K-UHD web broadcasts national and creating a more engaging and robust network, consolidating and reporting it in one web plaform,” says Zambrano. For information on advertising or sponsorship of multimedia web broadcasts or featured articles, email To join the content collaboration community, review guidelines and submit your name at

About Eatery Pulse News Media

Based in the Washington, D.C. market, Eatery Pulse Media is a primary source of information within the foodservice and food industries, providing news and information services, consulting and content marketing. Our content is distributed in print, online, digital and web-broadcast format. Eatery Pulse empowers foodservice professionals, business owners, and foodies to further engage and celebrate food and drink topics, as well as profit and benefit from a growing and renowned food scene. As a source of information services, Eatery Pulse is second to none in telling the story of foodservice organizations, businesses and restaurants, and reporting news in visually-compelling multimedia and published formats, as well as ultra-premium 4K-UHD video broadcasts.

The Eatery Pulse Network comprises a portfolio of magazines and web-broadcast shows with journalistic and highly-meaningful foodservice and food industry content, including Restaurant C-Suite, Swizzle Chill, Eatery Pulse News magazines, Eatery Pulse Streem, and Swizzle Chill TV.

About Restaurant C-Suite Magazine

Restaurant C-Suite Magazine is part of the Eatery Pulse Network and distributed by Eatery Pulse Media, a fast-growing information services, consulting and content marketing firm. This new, digital magazine was specifically created for multi-unit restaurant executives. It will deliver the most highly-meaningful foodservice news for the industry’s top leaders of today, and the visionaries of tomorrow.

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