Pincho Factory launches multi-pronged delivery program, online ordering service

Latin street-food chain Pincho Factory announced a partnership with Uber Eats, Postmates, DoorDash, and online ordering platform Olo to bring delivery service to all of its locations this fall. The 10-unit fast-casual chain is known for favorites, including the Pincho Burger, Steak Latin Ricebowl and its namesake line of pinchos. Delivery is part of its strategic growth, and the service will also serve franchisees well as the Pincho Factory concept expands to new markets, said the company.

“We have taken profitability very seriously when it comes to delivery and the success of our franchise partners’ operations, and adding strategic delivery to our menu of ordering options is yet another way we continue to innovate as we continue to grow our footprint in the future,” said Jayson Tipp, Pincho Factory chief executive.

Pincho Factory decided on the multi-pronged approach after a full-year of testing, finding it was the most effective way to bring convenience to Pincho customers, added CEO Tipp. Online ordering has also been added to eight of 10 of the chain’s restaurants.

Photo credit: Pincho Factory

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