National Restaurant Association previews hot 2019 food trends

Extrapolating today’s food trends for applicability in 2019 is not the easiest of tasks so the National Restaurant Association (NRA) works with the American Culinary Federation (ACF) to build a critical list of hot trends for the new year. In 2019, alternative sources of protein, locally-sourced meats and seafood, a greater variety of veggie-carb substitutes, and globally inspired breakfast options are just the start of the list from the “What’s Hot in 2019 Survey.” This important food-trend barometer is prepared by the Association with the participation of approximately 650 top chefs from the ACF.

In a statement, the National Restaurant Association’s Molly O’Dell, vice-president of communications and media relations, said there’s plant-based sauces and burgers coming down the pike, new cuts of meat, including oyster steak, Merlot cut and Vegas Strip Steak. She also indicated that globally-inspired breakfast items, like shakshouka, the egg-and-tomato sauce dish will be hot in 2019.

“It’s no secret restaurant customers seek new food experiences when dining out,” said Hudson Riehle, the National Restaurant Association’s senior vice president of research. “Chefs are listening to that request and offering them the foods they want. That’s good for guests and business.”

The Beyond Burger: Eatery Pulse Streem
2019 What’s Hot Survey includes plant-based sausages and meats Photo by Beyond Meat.

About 64 percent of chefs agree that plant-based sausages and meats are a top food trend going into 2019. More than 69 percent indicate globally-inspired breakfast is hot, while 60 percent said veggie-carb substitutes would provide new alternatives to traditional starches.


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