Applebee’s launches All You Can Eat Riblets and Chicken Tenders with Double Crunch Shrimp LTO

Applebee’s adds Shrimp to Riblets and Chicken Tenders LTO as further enticement

The Applebee’s chain has brought back its All You can Eat Riblets and Chicken Tenders special. Applebee’s has added a further enticement of Double Crunch Shrimp to the limited-time-offer (LTO) as further appeal . Applebee’s All You Can Eat Riblets, Chicken Tenders and Double Crunch Shrimp menu starts at $14.99. At the start of 2019, Applebee’s looks to spur sales at its locations, as January is typically a slow month for many restaurants.

Applebee’s parent, Dine Brands Global, reported Applebee’s comparable store sales hit a 14-year high at 7.7 percent in its domestic restaurants and 5.5 percent across the Applebee’s system. Year-to-date comparable sales system-wide have grown 3.0 percent, while diving 8.6 percent in the same period last year. Domestic sales, spurred by the growth of Applebee’s off-premises business, have increased 5.5 percent after falling 7.3 percent last year.

Applebee's also added a Captain and Cola special for $2
Applebee’s also added a Captain and Cola special for $2. Photo by Applebee’s.

The All You Can Eat Riblets, Chicken Tenders and Double Crunch Shrimp are priced per person per order/occasion at a single restaurant. Applebee’s included pairing recommendations in its announcement

  • Applewood-smoked Pork Riblets with a sweet Honey BBQ sauce
  • Chicken Tenders dipped in Honey Dijon
  • Golden-brown Shrimp drizzled with a choice of cocktail or tartar sauce

For the bar, the Captain and Cola offer for $2 was also introduced. The Applebee’s Captain and Cola, with Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and Pepsi, is served in a 10-ounce mug. Price and participation vary across the system for this crafty cocktail, which is the Applebee’s January Drink of the Month—its first for 2019.

Photo credit: Applebee’s

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