Peet’s Coffee features turmeric coffee drinks LTO

Peet’s Coffee has brought back its turmeric coffee drink,
Golden Caffè Latte, in 2019 as part of its winter beverage lineup. In a company announcement, Patrick Main, senior R&D manager for Peet’s Coffee, suggested the Golden Caffè Latte was extremely popular when it was introduced last year. Peet’s will be adding two new turmeric coffee drinks to bolster the wellness-centric limited-time offering (LTO): Golden Cold Brew Fog and Golden Matcha Latte.

Said Main, “They highlight the flavorful and fragrant spice, as well as the Peet’s Coffee commitment to craft and coffee first.”

According to Beverage Industry, data scientist Black Swan has labeled turmeric a mature and stable trend, highly-associated with coffee, tea and water. Turmeric is reported to have health benefits, and has a deep golden color.

The Peet’s Coffee turmeric coffee drinks LTO will be available until May 21, 2019. Non-dairy creamers can be used in the preparation of Peet’s Coffee turmeric coffee drinks, including coconut, soy, or almond milk. “It is great for those seeking wellness-centric beverage options in the new year,” added Main.

Here’s how Peet’s Coffee described its turmeric coffee drinks winter lineup:

  • Golden Caffè Latte: hand-steamed milk carefully blended with earthy turmeric and poured over expertly pulled espresso infused with ginger and a touch of honey sweetness.
  • Golden Cold Brew Fog: Baridi Blend cold brew, brightened with turmeric, honey syrup and ginger and lightly blended with milk and ice.
  • Golden Matcha Latte: Authentic Mighty Leaf Tea Matcha green tea, delicately steamed with milk, golden turmeric and honey syrup.

Peet’s is a subsidiary of JAB Holding Company and BDT Capital, having been acquired in 2012. Responding to consumer interest in wellness beverages, Peet’s acquired a majority stake in Revive Kombucha at the end of 2018.

Photo credit: Peet’s Coffee

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