Eatery Pulse Media launches arel7 restaurant consulting

Washington, DC (January 11, 2019) —Eatery Pulse Media, a fast-growing information services, consulting and content marketing firm, announced the official launch of a restaurant consultancy to serve independent and chain restaurant companies nationally, and in its home market of Washington, DC arel7 restaurant consulting, powering the business of restaurants into the future™, will serve restaurants across the country, and is part of a highly-effective network of consultants on the East Coast.

At a time when the restaurant industry is being impacted by unconventional and technological disruption, in addition to escalating costs and competition, it was important to launch a consultancy that looks into the future and embraces new fundamentals and new ways of operating the business of restaurants. With a core focus on menu engineering, profit optimization and business strategy, arel7 unpacks how the fundamentals of running a restaurant converge with new technology and social advances.

“We’re excited to provide additional, effective solutions to the restaurant industry, particularly in this time of rising costs, disruption and a slowing global economy,” said Rick Zambrano, Eatery Pulse editor and arel7 partner. “Through our knowledge base and the consultancy’s foundation in menu analysis, research and content management, we expect to provide exponential ROI to our clients.”

arel7’s robust services portfolio

arel7 taps its marketing partners and video & content consultancy arel7 studio to offer a turnkey restaurant business growth solution. Working with independent restaurants provides an opportunity to increase the profitability of restaurant companies. Independent restaurants benefit from arel7’s highly-effective solutions in concert with its marketing partners:

  • menu engineering and recipe costing
  • menu management
  • profit optimization (efficiency and vendor relations program)
  • business growth and strategy
  • video marketing
  • reputation management
  • email and loyalty marketing
  • online ordering/takeout/delivery programs

Restaurant chains, too, can access a variety of profitability and support solutions, including menu development support, menus rollout project management, training support and LSM marketing. Also, through its partner network, arel7 is an essential part of a Total CMS solution for broadline and regional distributors and suppliers.

arel7 adopts the seven (7) fundamentals of restaurant business growth, for which the firm name is derived and which were developed by Zambrano. Restaurant companies and single-unit operators looking to increase their food profitability and to implement strategies for growth will access Zambrano has nearly two decades in food businesses, and has experiences in menu analysis, menu rollout support, training support, financial analysis, content marketing and research. As a thought leader specialized in the areas of menu analysis and restaurant trends, his insights appear in research reports, foodservice magazines and business periodicals.

About arel7 restaurant consulting

Part of Eatery Pulse Media, arel7 is rooted in insights and analysis, with a proven record of returning clients’ investment exponentially. Together with our marketing partners and resources, we help foodservice businesses across the nation succeed in real time. ​arel7 provides a robust portfolio of solutions, including food and recipe costing, menu engineering, inventory best practices, training support and materials, profit optimization, project management, marketing strategy, and consulting. arel7 also provides marketing solutions, video marketing and supplier consulting through its partner network and arel7 studio.


About Eatery Pulse Media

Based in the Washington, D.C. market, Eatery Pulse Media is a primary source of restaurant industry news and content, providing information services, consulting and a creative studio for business. As a trade publisher, we delivery news content in print, online, digital and web-broadcast formats. Eatery Pulse empowers foodservice professionals, business owners, and foodies to further engage and celebrate food and drink topics, as well as profit and benefit from a growing and renowned food scene. Eatery Pulse Media operates the Eatery Pulse Network, arel7 studio and arel7 restaurant consulting.

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