Eatery Pulse celebrates three-year anniversary in nation’s capital

Washington, DC-based publisher launches engagement campaign

Washington, DC (February 5, 2019) —Eatery Pulse Media, Washington, DC’s fast-growing information services, consulting and restaurant solutions firm, celebrates its three-year anniversary in the nation’s capital. Having recently expanded its offering through arel7 restaurant consulting and launching classes for future restaurateurs, Eatery Pulse is celebrating in style locally with a DC-based engagement and support campaign for local restaurant owners. and operators

“We’re excited about our DC-based content and all the support we’ve received over the past three years, and want to give back as much as we can,” said Rick Zambrano, Eatery Pulse editor and arel7 partner. “With the upcoming Season 2 of Swizzle Chill TV and our hands-on menu engineering profit optimization and partner marketing programs, there’s a lot to celebrate.

DC’s Swizzle Chill Channel

Swizzle Chill TV, part of the Swizzle Chill Channel, is readying Season 2, expanding opportunities for restaurants to show off their best food and drink through shows displayed in ultra-premium, 4K-UHD formats.Swizzle Chill is also powering EPN College, a collection of “roaming” non-accredited courses for future restaurateurs in the District. As a point of high differentiation, the classes are business-based and teach culinary professionals and restaurant workers the accounting, business and tech side of operating a restaurant.

The Swizzle Chill Channel is something that celebrates the DC region’s established prominence as a food destination. Eatery Pulse recognizes the hard work of many top restaurant professionals who made it happen over the course of several years, showcasing the best of the DC region. “The Swizzle Chill TV web-broadcast show is a grand celebration. It’s something every DMV foodie can get behind, on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook” says Zambrano.


Highly-meaningful and ultra-premium consulting to restaurants

Added Zambrano, “At a time when the restaurant industry is being impacted by unconventional and technological disruption and a slowing global economy, and many restaurants are experiencing post-Government Shutdown sales impacts, we’re launching specials and free offers across our enterprise.” Restaurants on Zambrano’s profit optimization programs have historically earned back exponential returns on investment. arel7 partner marketing programs produce results for clients that garner 8 to 10 percent sales growth, when the industry averages half of that in totality.

According to the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington, a local, restaurant advocacy group, restaurants suffered as much as 60 percent in sales declines during the shutdown—an amount not easily recovered, particularly at steady state and during the winter. Eatery Pulse is offering a promotion to restaurants located in DC, Maryland and Virginia, effective immediately and through March 31, 2019.


Eatery Pulse support campaign

Moreover, Eatery Pulse announced these DMV-only specials (in effect in DC, Maryland and Virginia only, unless noted):

  • Eatery Pulse will discount all of its “Plus” fee-based digital magazine subscriptions being activated in the summer of 2019 by 100 percent for all of 2019 with the code DMV7 (offer available nationally):
  • arel7’s menu engineering, food costing, strategy and profit optimization services will be discounted by 20 to 40 percent, saving restaurateurs as much as $1,000 per project on current pricing, and up to $3,000 when compared to competitor pricing
  • arel7 will provide a rebate of five (5) percent on all partner marketing solutions, including Wi-Fi marketing and reputation management
  • Restaurant video marketing clients will receive $100 Visa card after production, delivery of videos and payment. Packaged solutions are discounted 40 percent compared to a typical video production house inside DC proper. The $100 Visa card is incremental to the steep savings already offered when compared to the competition
  • Additionally, Eatery Pulse will activate 50 hours of volunteer work for foodservice causes in DC and encourage associates and Eatery Pulse contractors to participate in non-profit work through a stipend

Also, these specials support the restaurant industry in the DMV and are only valid through March 31, 2019, for services and subscriptions engaged through an end term of December 30, 2019. Offers are not valid where such promotions are prohibited.

As a primary source of restaurant industry news content, and based in the Washington, DC market, Eatery Pulse reaches thousands of viewers and readers with highly-meaningful content, and dozens more through direct services.

About Eatery Pulse Media

Based in the Washington, D.C. market, Eatery Pulse Media is a primary source of restaurant industry news and content, providing information services, consulting and a creative studio for business. As a trade publisher, we delivery news content in print, online, digital and web-broadcast formats. Eatery Pulse empowers foodservice professionals, business owners, and foodies to further engage and celebrate food and drink topics, as well as profit and benefit from a growing and renowned food scene. Eatery Pulse Media operates the Eatery Pulse Network and arel7 restaurant consulting.

About arel7 restaurant consulting

Part of Eatery Pulse Media, arel7 is rooted in insights and analysis, with a proven record of returning clients’ investments exponentially. Together with our marketing partners and resources, we help foodservice businesses across the nation succeed in real time. ​arel7 provides a robust portfolio of solutions, including food and recipe costing, menu engineering, inventory best practices, training support and materials, profit optimization, project management, marketing strategy and consulting. arel7 also provides marketing solutions, video marketing and supplier consulting through its partner network and arel7 studio. Learn more at

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