Baskin-Robbins Moments design makes Texas debut

El Paso welcomes Baskin-Robbins store of the future

Baskin-Robbins announced its second Moments store in El Paso, Texas, the first for the state. The Baskin-Robbins Moments design launched last fall in Fresno, Calif. The new design in Texas debuted in partnership with two franchisees, Grace Hauser and Vanessa Hauser Herrera. The long-time franchisees operate 10 stores in the area. The Moments concept design invokes a sense of modernism, with larger, sleek glass cases displaying the ice cream and new novelties selections.

Hand-dipped and snackable frozen treats fare prominently on the new Baskin-Robbins Moments menu, featuring variety. What’s more, chocolate-dipped bananas, Polar Pizza slices, ice cream bars and smoothie bars, as well as hand-dipped fancy waffle cones, are part of the collection.

“Many people today live busy, always-on lives, which means that a chance to unplug and spend a few minutes reconnecting with your friend, partner or child is all the more meaningful,” said Carol Austin, vice president of Marketing for Baskin-Robbins. “That’s why we are so excited about the new Moments store design, which encourages guests to come in, slow down and enjoy the best ice cream on Earth.”

Frozen yogurt concepts have expanded quickly and consumers have embraced savory, decadent, artisan and international frozen desserts, including Italian Gelato and Thai-rolled ice cream. Consequently, the new Moments design is seen as a way parent Dunkin’ Brands will renew interest and modernize the Baskin-Robbins experience.

Baskin-Robbins Moments offers two different tempos

Baskin-Robbins Moments brings upholstered banquette and oversized swivel chairs to guests for added comfort. Also, Baskin-Robbins displays artwork that features local and interactive art, in addition to a mural, that is meant to help guests connect with the local community.


Additionally, Baskin-Robbins has installed new, digital, menu boards with improved imagery and resolution. For those not wanting to slow down for the full experience, new drive-thrus were installed. They’ll speed customers through, turning the Moments experience on the go.

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