Chick-fil-A offers Frosted Key Lime frozen LTO

Chick-fil-A has debuted a new frozen treat, the Frosted Key Lime, which starts at under 300 calories and contains the superfood-ingredients spirulina and turmeric. Frosted Key Lime combines vanilla IceDream treat, lemonade or diet lemonade, and a natural sugar-free lime flavoring. This sugar-free flavoring concoction blends three limes: key limes, kaffir limes and Persian limes.

The Chick-fil-A Frosted Key Lime retails for $3.25 for a 16-ounce serving.

“Since launching Frosted Lemonade in 2015, customers have shared their excitement about our frosted options, like our Frosted Coffee and Frosted Sunrise, so we are delighted to launch another seasonal, frosted treat this spring,” said Leslie Neslage, menu lead for the menu and packaging team at Chick-fil-A. “Frosted Key Lime is both tart and sweet and will be a delicious, lower calorie treat that all customers can enjoy throughout the day.”

Seasonal, Frosted Key Lime, with health-halo attributes, well-positioned for success

With rates of dieting declining and more U.S. consumers eating more healthy overall, Chick-fil-A has positioned the new frozen treat to be a hit. Food research firm NPD reports that nearly a third of Americans have never dieted. Interestingly, Chick-fil-A Frosted Key Lime tested well in Austin, Texas, and based on its success, the Atlanta-based QSR chicken chain decided to roll it out nationwide.

Additionally, guests can choose between Frosted Key Lime combined with regular lemonade or diet lemonade. The diet version of Frosted Key Lime, made with Splenda, has only 280 calories. As a limited-time-offering (LTO), the 2,400-unit Chick-fil-A chain offers the Frosted Key Lime and Diet Frosted Key Lime March 18 to May 25, or while supplies last.


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