Qdoba expands Impossible meatless options nationwide

Brooklyn, Denver, Los Angeles select stores to get Qdoba Impossible menu first

In the growing use of plant-protein alternatives among quick-service restaurants,(QSRs), a popular Mexican chain expands its Qdoba Impossible menu options nationwide. Qdoba Eats concluded its Impossible test in Michigan and is rolling out Impossible nationwide in May. Select stores in Brooklyn, Denver and Los Angeles will be serving the Impossible meatless option starting April 23. This adds to a growing number of QSRs using or expanding plant-based meat alternatives across the country.

White Castle added Impossible sliders about a year ago, and recently rolled out a new formulation. In January, Carl’s Jr. added the use of Beyond patty, another popular meat-alternative product in foodservice. What’s more, Muscle Maker Grill added the Impossible patty to its burger menu in February. And now Burger King is testing Impossible in St. Louis, Mo., having rolled out the trial program this month.

Using proprietary meat-alternative formulations that people say cook and taste like beef, Beyond and Impossible Foods have been in a race to expand their meatless products in the foodservice industry. The companies have forged partnerships with large-scale restaurant chains. Qdoba started the Michigan test in February, and now the Qdoba Impossible menu full-scale launch has nearly arrived.

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Impossible offered as protein option, also in signature offerings


750-unit Qdoba says its blend is “savory, slightly smoky and delicious.” Also, the seasoning mixture comprises tomatoes, garlic, smoked chilies and paprika, mixed with diced red onions. “Our Impossible offering appeals to both meat lovers and vegans, while also delivering on the big, bold flavors that we’re known for at Qdoba,” said Jill Adams, Qdoba Eats vice president of marketing.

Additionally, current suggested offerings on the Qdoba Impossible menu include the Qdoba Impossible Bowl and the Qdoba Impossible Taco. Qdoba Impossible Bowl offers cilantro-lime white rice and black beans, layered with 3-Cheese Queso, pico de gallo, guacamole and seasoned Impossible. With the Qdoba Impossible Meat selections, there is also the Qdoba Impossible Taco, which is wrapped in a warm corn tortilla, with Impossible topped mixed with red onions, cilantro and salsa verde.


“We’re thrilled to grow our partnership with Qdoba and further advance our mission of transforming the global food system to support the planet, as well as our growing population,” said David Lee, chief operating officer and chief financial officer of Impossible Foods.

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