Eatery Pulse Media readies school for future restaurateurs in D.C.

EPN College will be managed by The Swizzle Chill Channel

Washington, D.C. (April 18, 2019) – Eatery Pulse Media, a primary source of restaurants news in the U.S., will open registration for its EPN College this spring. The low-cost numbers-focused training will provide classes to future restaurateurs in the nation’s capital. The “floating school” will provide these courses at different restaurant venues and community spots across the Washington, D.C. area, preparing restaurant workers, chefs and aspiring restaurateurs to be successful restaurant owners.

EPN College prepares for spring launch

Under The Swizzle Chill Channel, a D.C.-centric source of food industry news and part of the Eatery Pulse Network, EPN College will offer four modules as part of a curriculum of highly-meaningful classes.

“Restaurateurs in D.C. and nationally are best-served by embracing a numbers-based approach to their business,” said Rick Zambrano, Eatery Pulse editor. “The magic of restaurants is real, particularly in D.C., which is now a food destination. But the reality is sometimes clouded by the mystique. Restaurateurs can come from many walks of life, especially from within the front lines and the kitchen. EPN College is meant to better-prepare the next generation of independent restaurant owners.”

Zambrano had been troubled as to why so many restaurants have shuttered in the DMV, while the D.C. region established itself as a food destination. Also, he reflected on why more restaurants did not invest in marketing efforts or impart a numbers-based approach among their management staff.

Through observation, there was a clear and substantive difference between restaurants that embraced financially-focused principles and those that didn’t. Some of the best observations came from restaurants supported by a strong business partner or restaurant consultant, which tend to be more robust and able to grow.

At a time when major cities can average three to six restaurants closures per week, EPN College is the last building block of The Swizzle Chill Channel as it continues to help strengthen the restaurant ecosystem in D.C.

Curriculum to help strengthen restaurant ecosystem in nation’s capital

Also, he is soliciting teaching volunteers, in addition to supplies and use of venues to make it a success. As someone who has been involved in food-related businesses for nearly two decades, Zambrano is well suited to manage the school hands on. He has had a career that encompasses analysis, writing, editing, consulting, marketing, and work at a boutique food research firm.

“While Swizzle Chill helps celebrate the food and drink scene in D.C. and provides cost-effective marketing services, our core mission has always been to provide education to current and future generations of restaurateurs,” adds Zambrano. “In speaking to local experts and colleagues, it was clear there was a real need for affordable education for our next generation of restaurateurs coming out of restaurants, non-traditional career paths and culinary backgrounds. The first class will be taught in June. As a crowdsourced curriculum, it will expand as industry, work-program and restaurant referrals increase.

According to the The Swizzle Chill Channel, EPN College has an updated course curriculum for its rotating-school courses. More details and syllabi related to these non-accredited classes will be announced with registration materials:

  • Restaurant Financial Principles (Module I)
  • Restaurant Business Plans and Leasing (Module II)
  • Food Costing (Module III)
  • Restaurant Marketing 3.0 + Technology (Module IV)

“We do well because we do good, and because we do what others don’t,” notes Zambrano. “That’s how we’re able to collaborate and partner with other restaurant industry stakeholders and marketers.”

For additional information or to volunteer, contact Zambrano at For information regarding your registration, send us a message at As a video broadcast-centric trade and food publisher, Eatery Pulse Media will use this local model and apply broadcasting techniques to broaden the scope of EPN College beyond the D.C. market in the near future.

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About EPN College

EPN College offers low-cost courses to prepare Washington, D.C. residents to own a restaurant. Its courses within four separate modules are business centric and financially focused. Part of The Swizzle Chill Channel, EPN College offers these non-accredited courses to individuals working in restaurants or affiliated with work preparatory and culinary programs in the region. D.C.-area residents who are looking at restaurant ownership or management for themselves or others, and did not follow a traditional hospitality college or hospitality business school curriculum should take a good look at EPN College.

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