Potbelly AvoToast LTO debuts

Cold Brew Coffee Shake, AvoToast added to spring menu as LTOs

A Potbelly AvoToast and Cold Brew Coffee Shake are two new products coming from Ryan LaRoche, Potbelly Sandwich Shop head of culinary, and his team. In the Potbelly Avo Toast LTO (limited-time offering), LaRoche is taking a cue from restaurants that offer brunch. The addition is an open-face, toasted creation with sliced avocados, and topped with cucumbers, red pepper and onions, along with creamy, melted feta.

“Food fans should be able to enjoy a great avo toast without dropping $18 and two hours waiting for a brunch table to open up,” said LaRoche, in a statement.

Additionally, to spur beverage sales, the 450-unit sandwich chain also launched a new Cold Brew Coffee Shake LTO. For its shake, Potbelly blends ice cream with a “cold brew kick.” Innovation is at the heart of the Potbelly AvoToast and Cold Brew Coffee Shake, suggests LaRoche. following the much buzzed-about, successful Turducken LTO launch.

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Earlier this year, the Chicago-based fast casual added its own iteration of pick-two combos and a Red Velvet Valentine.

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