Taco Del Mar debuts Lobster and Seafood Taco

New Taco Del Mar LTO is part of culinary makeover

Taco Del Mar debuted a new Lobster and Seafood Taco limited-time offering (LTO). The new LTO is part of an overall reboot of the brand. Taco Del Mar creates the Lobster and Seafood Taco by mixing chilled lobster and seafood with onions, serrano peppers and cilantro, and serves it on warm corn tortillas. The taco LTO is then topped with Taco Del Mar white sauce and pico de gallo.

Served cold, the new Lobster and Seafood Taco exemplifies the “del mar” portion of the brand’s moniker said the chain. Between May 14 and May 21, 2019, the QSR’s guests who purchase an entree will be able to enjoy a Lobster and Seafood Taco for just a $1 as part of a new promotion.

The Lobster and Seafood Taco signals what’s to come at Taco Del Mar. The near-100-unit chain benefits from a new director of Culinary and Innovation. Rego, the parent of Taco Del Mar, and also Quiznos, tapped Mike Gieseman as its new culinary head. He now leads the R & D teams and heads up a center for culinary excellence at Rego Restaurant Group.

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“We are excited to offer this refreshing taco—prepared simply, with high quality ingredients—as one of our latest LTO menu offerings,” said Sheila Zimmerman, Rego vice president of Marketing.

Additionally, Rego hired several executives this year to lead transformation efforts, including a new chief executive, chief supply officer and chief brand officer.

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