Krystal Frosted Slushie introduced for summer

$1 Beverage prepared with Sprite

The Krystal Company burger chain introduced new Frosted Slushies for summer. The Atlanta-based quick-service operator prepares the Krystal Frosted Slushie using its Sprite Slushie and adds soft-serve vanilla ice cream. Krystal offers the new frozen treat in lemonade, grape and fruit punch flavors.

The Krystal Frosted Slushie, like other limited-time offerings (LTOs) can increase average checks close to 40 percent, said Paul Macaluso, Krystal president and CEO. Following the success of last year’s Lemonhead Slushie, Krystal Frosted Slushie is expected to engender a large following. Not surprisingly, the Lemonhead Slushie LTO accounted for 60 percent of slushie sales in 2018, according to the chain.

Describing the new creation of Sprite, crushed ice and vanilla ice cream, Macaluso said, “Frosted Slushies are a cool, craveable addition to our summer menu, providing the perfect balance to our hot steamy Krystals (mini-burgers), Chiks, fries and our new tots.”


Krystal has added Frosted Slushies to the Sweet & Cold menu for the summer. What’s more, the 350-unit, mini-burger chain features the Krystal Frosted Slushie through September 23 for $1.50, while supplies last.

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Also, the original Sprite Slushie sells for $1 during the summer season, as well. Sprite Slushies come in lemonade, grape and fruit Punch flavors. Additionally, on the Sweet & Cold menu, Krystal serves sundaes, cones and shakes, made with soft-serve ice cream.


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