Sweetgreen announces acquisition of Galley Foods

Purchase of D.C.-based Galley Foods to provide enhanced logistics capabilities

Sweetgreen has acquired Galley Foods, a meal delivery company that provides fresh, ready-to-eat meals. The acquisition—the first for Sweetgreen—was for an undisclosed amount. Sweetgreen will benefit through insights and technology developed for delivery logistics, in addition to processes. These systems include live courier operations and high-volume production.

As part of the acquisition of Galley Foods, the meal-service company will enter Sweetgreen’s vast supply chain and benefit from expanded access to fresh foods. Additionally, Galley Foods CEO Alan Clifford will join Sweetgreen as VP of Logistics, announced Los Angeles-based Sweetgreen. Also, employees of Washington, D.C.-based Galley Foods will join the Sweetgreen team but remain headquartered in the D.C. area.

In November, 94-unit Sweetgreen raised $200M to further expand its menu and retail store outlet formats. Management also seeks to further invest in supply chain, logistics and its digital platform, while evolving from a restaurant company to a “food platform.”

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Of the acquisition of Galley Foods, Sweetgreen Co-Founder and CEO Jonathan Neman said both companies have a similar interest in better understanding customers and meeting them where they are. “It’s with this mutual thinking, and Galley Foods’ unparalleled insight into delivery, that we look forward to welcoming Alan and his team.”

Fast-casual Sweetgreen has a partnership with D.C.-based Dreaming Out Loud, an organization helping expand access to healthy meals for marginalized communities. This summer, 50 households will receive family-style meals from Galley. These families will also receive tips to make dinner at home with produce from their community-supported agriculture boxes.

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