McDonald’s largest franchisee, Arcos Dorados, taps new CEO, COO

Master franchisee in Latin America executes succession plan for c-suite execs

Arcos Dorados, McDonald’s Master Franchisee in Latin America, has promoted Marcelo Rabach to the post of CEO. The former Arcos Dorados chief operating officer succeeds Sergio Alonso, who remains a member of the Board of Directors. Having knowledge of Rabach’s strong leadership and deep expertise in the McDonald’s brand, the Board tapped Rabach for the chief executive post effective July 1.

This follows the appointment of Sergio Blanco as Arcos Dorados chief marketing and digital officer in May. The same month, the company also launch a new institutional website.

Luisa Raganato will succeed Rabach. Raganato serves as divisional president for the Arcos Dorados Caribbean Division. In 1991, he began his career with Arcos Dorados as a crew member in Argentina. Rabach, the new Arcos Dorados CEO, also started at an Arcos Dorados McDonald’s in the same country.

After his first job as a crew member in 1990, Rabach moved through the managerial ranks methodically. Eventually, he rose to divisional president for the North Latin American Division in 2013. In 2015, he became chief operating officer.

“Marcelo (Rabach) has been working side by side with Sergio Alonso for almost twenty years, building in those years a strong personal and professional relationship, which will ensure a seamless handover of the daily management of Arcos Dorados,” said Woods Staton, executive chairman of the Board.

Arcos Dorados, executive backgrounds

Being promoted to the role of chief operating officer, Raganato has a knowledge of McDonald’s operations that will serve him well. Raganato received his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Instituto Aeronáutico de Argentina. Additionally, he earned a Master’s degree in Marketing and Business Development at Escuela Superior de Estudios de Marketing (Spain).

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Furthermore, as the new Arcos Dorados CEO, Rabach is set to oversee a company operating over 2,200 McDonald’s in Latin America and the Caribbean, with 90,000 employees. Arcos Dorados has exclusive rights to own and operate McDonald’s, as well as grant licenses to franchisees in Latin America. This covers 20 Latin American countries and territories. Argentina, Aruba, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and St. Croix, are just a few markets within its purview.

Also, Rabach earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Universidad Argentina de la Empresa in 2002. He received his MBA from the IAE Business School in Argentina in 2004.

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