Uber Eats POS integration delivered by Olo in new partnership

Uber Eats, Olo create direct-order gateway via Olo Rails

Olo announced a new partnership that makes Uber Eats POS integration a reality for thousands of restaurants. Digital ordering provider Olo has integrated third-party delivery orders from Uber Eats into Olo Rails. Through the partnership, customer orders placed with Uber Eats flow directly to the ordering queue at the restaurant via point-of-sale (POS) connectivity. The companies said this will increase order accuracy and improve efficiency.

Olo’s main technology already powers digital ordering at thousands of restaurants. It creates a gateway for orders that come through various channels to flow into a restaurant’s POS. These include brand-direct website and apps, marketplaces, social media channels, and virtual assistant devices, like the Amazon Echo. Multi-unit operators, including Applebee’s, Cheesecake Factory, Chili’s, Sweetgreen, and Shake Shack. use Olo’s digital ordering platform.

Third-party delivery integration as solution

The announced Uber Eats POS integration makes use of Olo Rails. Through this technology, restaurants can publish menu, pricing and location information on third-party marketplaces. Uber Eats acts as such a marketplace. And other third-party restaurant delivery providers, such as Grubhub and DoorDash, are also included as they are a primary ordering channel.


“Today’s leading restaurants recognize the importance of providing access to digital ordering through various channels, and with this integration, our restaurant partners can benefit from the ordering power and scale of Uber Eats as a leading delivery option in markets across the world,” said Noah Glass, Olo founder and chief executive, of the Uber Eats POS integration.

Many restaurants receive delivery orders that flow into restaurants from third-party delivery companies and manage them on phone and tablet apps. But the logistics of managing “outside” orders in this way becomes problematic. Already, restaurant technology companies, including Chowly and OrderOut, provide integration for orders from multiple delivery providers.


Third party challenges

Restaurant owners and executives struggle with balancing the opportunity of third-party delivery with healthy economics. Increasingly, restaurants have been pushing back against high delivery commissions and fees. Recently, third-party restaurant delivery services came under scrutiny in New York. There, an inquiry examined delivery practices and fees, and facilitated testimony from leading delivery providers, notes a report from Restaurant Business Online.

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