Genghis Grill Bottomless Bowls return for July with Mongo Mania

July LTO featured along with Mongo Mania Scratch and Win game

Genghis Grill Bottomless Bowls are back for a limited-time this summer. The chain’s Bottomless Bowls address customized dietary needs that are prevalent today Picking a protein with vegetables and sauce, customers can tweak and personalize their bowl-centric meals. Genghis Grill Bottomless Bowls provide for repeat refills and a hearty variety of sauces, creating an exponential number of flavor combinations.

Genghis Grill taps many of today’s top dietary trends by offering hearty and lean protein offerings and vegetables in a format that is heavy on variety. Keto and Paleo dieters, for example, will find plentiful options to stay on track with their meal plans. Bottomless Bowls are back for the entire month of July.

The Dallas-based stir-fry chain offers 80 different, fresh proteins, veggies and sauces that can be customized into a meal. Additionally, 60-unit Genghis Grill is promoting the “Mongo Mania” Scratch and Win game. Customers can win a free bowl, good on a future visit before Sept. 29. Genghis Grill guests also have a chance to win one of eight grand prizes of free Genghis Grill for a year.

“Guests at Genghis Grill can satisfy their flavor craving and accommodate any healthy diet choice. With so many different options to choose from, every bowl is unique. Bottomless Bowls are the best way to explore all that Genghis Grill has to offer,” said Genghis Grill CEO Jim Vinz, in an announcement.

Also, as a long-standing, build-your-own stir fry chain, Genghis Grill operates and franchises 60 restaurants.

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