Eatery Pulse expands independent restaurant news, program to submit content

Firm adds user-generated content, expands independent-restaurateur news nationally

Washington, D.C. (July 25, 2019) Eatery Pulse Media, a primary source of restaurant news and custom media, and a business consultancy, is making it easy to submit content to Eatery Pulse. It is also celebrating the one-year anniversary of Eatery Pulse Streem, its blog and multimedia content platform. To mark the occasion, effective August 1, its community content program expands to include user-generated content.

Eatery Pulse is also augmenting its independent-restaurateur content, and will now include it online. The new dual independent-and-chain online news platform will be known as Eatery Pulse News (formerly Eatery Pulse Streem).

Additionally, in September, the fresh, focused restaurant industry news platform will add podcasts. “We’re happy to build a unique source of restaurant news and insights, by adding user-generated content,” said Rick Zambrano, Eatery Pulse editor. “By building community content, we can add additional insights and perspectives  to our library of restaurant news while continuing to add news briefs, data-driven analyses and first-hand articles.”

Importantly, content creators on Eatery Pulse will be experts who have previously published in another online news site or publication. Restaurateurs and restaurant executives are also welcome. They can read the guidelines here at collaboration community, and submit content to Eatery Pulse if they’re qualified.

Furthermore, Eatery Pulse recently released a new custom media program, adding ways that foodservice organizations and experts can create their own content. Creative Content Studio is a fee-based program. It helps foodservice professionals and organizations engage their audiences and attract new leads through robust and compelling thought leadership.

Building a meaningful source of restaurant industry news, insights

Significantly, with fresh, focused, inspired content, Eatery Pulse Media provides an alternative to mainstream foodservice news curators. Each month, it expands its library of hundreds of restaurant industry articles. Eatery Pulse also provides on-trend, data-driven analysis of major news events.

In addition, as Eatery Pulse has expanded content, restaurant executives and owners have increasingly embraced the information services firm as a reliable and trusted source of the most-relevant industry goings-on.

“Eatery Pulse News will be the restaurant industry news site that restaurant executives and owners will be checking frequently,” says Zambrano. “By amplifying our multimedia news platform and adding user-generated content, we diversify and improve our news and analysis. We welcome experts, executives and owners to tap into our platform.”

Currently, restaurant industry experts can join in our mission to share the most meaningful insights and trends. Would you like to submit content to Eatery Pulse? Navigate here to read more about our Collaboration (Content) Community and to participate. And sign up for customized content delivered to your inbox here at

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Based in the Washington, D.C. market, Eatery Pulse Media is a primary source of national restaurant industry news and content, providing information services, consulting, and a creative custom-content studio for business. As a multi-brand trade publisher, it delivers news content in multiple formats, including video broadcast. Eatery Pulse empowers foodservice professionals, business owners, and foodies to further engage and celebrate food and drink topics, as well as to profit and benefit from a growing and renowned food scene.

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