FoodBAM acquires Orderly, expands restaurant management tools

Acquisition of Orderly enhances restaurant cost-tracking capabilities

FoodBAM announced the acquisition of Orderly, a food-spend tracking software and cost of goods (COGS) tool. FoodBAM provides ordering, inventory and recipe costing and is part of Dining Alliance, a group purchasing option (GPO) program. Orderly customers will now tap into FoodBAM restaurant management tools, as well as rebates and incentives through the GPO.

In addition, the acquisition of Orderly provides additional spend and COGS management that is complementary to FoodBam’s functionality. FoodBAM’s announcement noted, “Thousands of customers have been requesting the marriage of FoodBAM’s inventory management with an application that handles cost management.”

“These are fundamental building blocks for operators to run a sound business,” added Brandt Squires, FoodBAM co-founder in a statement. “Taking invoices and getting them into food cost management software is one of those essential functions that is going to help our operators run their business more profitably.”

Waltham, Mass.-based FoodBAM helps restaurant operators through its restaurant technology management tools. Also, through the acquisition of Orderly, FoodBAM restaurant customers will enjoy additional spend tracking to enhance restaurant profitability.


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