Swizzle Chill expands engagement programs in Washington, D.C. market

Restaurants get boost from visibility, engagement, marketing

Washington, D.C. (November 18, 2019) Swizzle Chill – DC Food, Drink and Lifestyle Show has been one of the best kept secrets foodies have in Washington, D.C. But that secret’s now out of the bag. Recently, it added engagement programs that provide venues, as well as suppliers to restaurants, an opportunity to share in the “joy of Swizzle Chill.”

Part of the Eatery Pulse Network, Swizzle Chill is an ultra-high-definition video production that showcases the best of dining, drinking and “chilling” in the nation’s capital. It’s a celebration of both the dining scene and the food service profession. The news and entertainment programming as a model to expand its content in a visually-compelling manner.

Now, Swizzle Chill is becoming a marketing and engagement tool for D.C.-area based entertainment, food & dining venues, in addition to suppliers to restaurants.

Swizzle Chill’s programming is well-timed and differentiated from much of the DMV’s news. D.C.’s food, drink and lifestyle show is currently filming Season 2 and will be starting Season 3 in January. “Swizzle Chill is a joy to watch and an upbeat story-teller of what’s happening in D.C.,” said Rick Zambrano, producer and editor. “It’s the show that puts a smile on your face. What’s more, Swizzle Chill TV makes you want to enjoy the vibrant food scene in the DMV.”


Swizzle Chill holiday packages

Eatery Pulse offers the following engagement packages, spotlighting food and drink venues and those whose clients are restaurants. By combining news and entertainment programming with ultra-premium, ultra-HD video formats, Swizzle Chill proffers cut-above solutions that rival traditional agency-video productions. Furthermore, Swizzle Chill features a tremendous value-add: a built-in engagement engine and fans on multiple social media channels:

  • Swizzle Chill Venue – Food & drink shows, events and large gatherings can take advantage of Swizzle Chill’s story-telling capabilities to engage new audiences
  • Swizzle Chill Gifting – Large companies, including suppliers and technology companies, can “gift” a show to a restaurant client for the holidays. Filming would take place in December and January on a first-come, first-served basis.

Furthermore, clients of either/both programs receive automatic inclusion in Swizzle Chill Season 3 and a 3-minute video trailer to post on social media channels. Swizzle Chill’s productions include built-in marketing of shows on its blog, Facebook and Vimeo.

“Swizzle Chill offers a unique opportunity to venues and companies that want to find unique gifts for restaurant clients or themselves,” added Zambrano. “With typical video production rates exceeding $3,000, it’s a win-win. Companies looking for novel ways to engage audiences greatly benefit. Greater D.C. can now celebrate the ‘joy of Swizzle Chill” and leave behind ordinary video solutions.”


To learn more about Swizzle Chill and its programming, review the media kit here: kit.swizzlechill.com. Also, to watch a Swizzle Chill episodes, navigate to show.swizzlechill.com.

About Swizzle Chill

Swizzle Chill – DC Food, Drink and Lifestyle Show covers topics that matter to foodies and food & drink professionals across Metro-D.C. In 2019 and 2029, foodies and food stakeholders are enjoying Swizzle Chill Season 2 and Season 3. By using ultra-premium, ultra-HD production from studio team, and an inside-restaurant industry perspective, Swizzle Chill Chill can be accessed at show.swizzlechill.com.

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