Bon Chon aims to grow at accelerated rate after 100th opening

Korean fried chicken + fusion chain to expand to 1,000 units globally

The latest Bonchon opening in Pleasanton, Calif. marked the 100th restaurant for the Korean fried chicken and fusion chain. Across 21 states, Bon Chon has been expanding at a unit growth rate of 20 percent.

Founded in South Korea, Bon Chon also operates in another six countries. After this December opening, its management team looks to grow to 500 domestic units, and 1,000 globally., which suggests it is ramping up expansion velocity.

Flyn Dekker was appointed chief executive of Bon Chon after VIC Partners acquired a majority interest in Bon Chon in 2018. Under a strategic plan, Dekker continues to implement and improve supply chain development, technology improvements, and marketing initiatives. He’s also tapping industry veterans to support the chain’s growth.

Bonchon boasts a strong reputation for “hand breaded, double-fried chicken and proprietary sauces crafted in the Bonchon global kitchen in Busan, South Korea,” according to a company statement. Billed as a fine-casual dining restaurant chain, it also offers a menu of Korean fusion cuisine, including Bibimbap, Japchae, Bulgogi, and more.

“Bonchon’s authentic Korean take on fried chicken has resonated with consumers both domestically and internationally,” said Dekker. “We are excited to continue to share our delicious version of comfort food with new communities across the U.S. and around the world as we continue our rapid expansion.”


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