64 percent of Americans concerned about Coronavirus Disease: study

Nearly one in five Americans are limiting visits to public places

Nearly two-thirds of Americans are concerned about the latest Coronavirus disease, COVID-19, finds a new study. It found that 92 percent of Americans are aware of Coronavirus, and of those who are aware, 69 percent are concerned about the impact on themselves and their families. This sample translates to 64 percent of all Americans. The study by GfK was conducted March 3 and 4, 2020.

GfK also revealed that 76 percent of Americans who are aware of COVID-19 have taken preventative steps to ward off Coronavirus. A total of 46 percent are washing hands more frequently and 29 percent regularly use hand sanitizer. Also, 18 percent are limiting visits to public places. In addition, 14 percent are stocking up on non-perishable food.

Some of the responses to the Coronavirus are reducing economic activity and impacting businesses, including restaurants, hotels and retailers. News reports reveal increased restaurant reservation cancellations. In cities like Washington, D.C., Asian restaurants have seen the steepest declines, presumably out of unwarranted fear of the food.


Moreover, key demographic groups are more likely to concerned about Coronavirus, notes GfK:

  • Older adults (ages 55 or older)
  • Business travelers
  • International travelers
  • Urban residents (“City dwellers”)
  • People with chronic respiratory or heart conditions
  • Hispanics

To learn more about the GfK COVID-19 study, navigate to its subscription page.

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