sbe launches its third delivery-only C3 concept, Plant Nation

C3 continues to grow its curated, virtual restaurant brands

As part of its Creating Culinary Communities (C3) virtual-kitchen enterprise, sbe launched a new, delivery-only restaurant concept, Plant Nation, powered by eight ghost-kitchen locations in its home market of Los Angeles. This is the third such concept after Sam’s Crispy Chicken and Krispy Rice. Executives of sbe announced Plant Nation will grow to 40 locations across five major, metropolitan markets.

As part of the business model, sbe is launching its own culinary-driven C3 virtual brands, as well as developing partnerships with chefs and existing restaurant concepts with developed brand equity. The enterprise has become an expanding off-premises business, currently driven by 60 ghost kitchens and leveraging sbe and Accor Hotel properties.

Marin Heierling, C3 chief culinary officer, developed the Plant Nation concept, which is 100-percent vegan. Pizzas, sandwiches, warm bowls, salads and sides appear on the plant-based menu. Customers can access food items from plant-based protein alternatives, including those of Impossible Foods. Creative and cheeky names, including Queen Supreme and Holy G.O.A.T, are part of the approachable concept that aims to attract flexitarian foodies—not just vegans and vegetarians.


“We are excited to share Plant Nation’s inventive dishes and innovative partners with our community,” said Heierling.

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sbe partnered with Digital Kitchen, a creative marketing agency, to create custom carbon-neutral and compostable packaging made from recyclable materials. The innovative boxes add to the fun and playfulness of the new delivery-only C3 Plant Nation concept.

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Currently C3 operates in four markets: Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco. According to sbe’s plans, C3 will grow to operate out of 250 ghost kitchens by 2022.

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