Burger King reveals its concept-store design of the future

QSR preparing for touchless future amid COVID-19 pandemic with Restaurant of Tomorrow

Burger King revealed its plans for a touchless world in a new restaurant design prototype of the future. Restaurant Brands International’s burger chain said its Restaurant of Tomorrow layout was engineered with the current COVID-19 health crisis in mind. Providing quick ordering and pickup options for guests, the deployment of technology and architecture will offer customers a myriad of on-the-go options.

The Burger King Restaurant of Tomorrow has been reduced to 40-percent of its original size. What’s more, customers will be able to park their cars under solar-powered canopies where they can place their food orders on the BK App. By scanning a QR code, customers will get their food and drinks delivered to them in carhop-type fashion.

Also, this futuristic store will provide curbside delivery for orders placed through the mobile app, providing specific parking spots for customers that choose this option.

BK lockers + new dining experience

Through new BK lockers, customers can pick up food from orders made in advance. The lockers are engineered to connect with the kitchen directly so that team members can prepared meals and immediately insert them into the Pickup lockers.

In one of the designs crafted for Burger King, a covered, outdoor patio serves as the main dining area. The first redesigned BKs of the future will appear in Miami, Latin America and the Caribbean in 2021.


BK’s future drive-thru experience

The concept restaurant features a double or triple drive-thru with digital menu boards and merchandise offerings. From the drive-thru, this futuristic store has a “living wall” so that drivers can see the kitchen preparations going on inside. Through this glass enclosure, guests who wish to place a walk-up order can do so with a fair amount of efficiency.

In another BK design, a suspended kitchen and dining room operate over a set of three drive-thru lanes. Through the use of the conveyor belt for the drive-thru, this to-go experience becomes 100-percent touchless, announced the QSR. Miami-based Burger King will allocate one of the drive-thru lanes specifically for delivery drivers.

Plus, guests who want to enjoy their meal on-premises can head over to the suspended dining room. .


“In March our in-house design and tech team accelerated new restaurant design plans and pushed the limits of what a Burger King restaurant could be,” said Josh Kobza, Restaurant Brands International chief operating officer. “We took into consideration how consumer behaviors are changing and our guests will want to interact with our restaurants. The result is a new design concept that is attractive to guests and will allow our franchisees to maximize their return.”

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