Chipotle Mexican Grill returns Carne Asada to restaurants nationwide

Rewards members will have first taste of steak protein

Chipotle Mexican Grill returned Carne Asada to its menu nationwide in the United States, available to rewards members only September 22 to 23. Through the app, Chipotle customers in the loyalty program will have first crack at the limited-time offer (LTO) steak protein. And from September 24 to 27, Carne Asada can be accessed by all customers exclusively through digital ordering on the Chipotle app or at Finally, all customers can order Carne Asada starting September 28, including in-restaurant and through third-party delivery providers.

The steak protein comes grilled, seasoned with a blend of spices, topped with a squeeze of lime and cilantro. Carne Asada will be reintroduced in Canada as well, and will debut in France—the first new protein on Chipotle’s menu in Europe.

The Newport Beach, Calif.-based fast casual has had much success in ramping up sales with limited-time offers like the Carne Asada. When Chipotle last offered it earlier this year, it saw 10 million guests purchase the steak selection, making it four times more successful than the previous LTO protein introduction. Chipotle estimates that half of those who tried Carne Asada during the introduction were first-time customers.


The Mexican-style chain expanded its sourcing capacity by working with new farmers, ranchers and suppliers, according to an announcement. Only five percent of US beef meets Chipotle’s standards for Carne Asada: The meat has to come from animals given no antibiotics or added hormones, and that are raised responsibly.

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Photo credit: Chipotle Mexican Grill (featured preview image, video)

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