Yogurtland rolls out Cold Brew Coffee Light Ice Cream

Froyo chain also returns Dulce de Leche flavor

Yogurtland rolled out its newest flavor, Cold Brew Coffee Light Ice Cream for a limited time. The Irvine, Calif.-based frozen yogurt chain blends a dark, rich coffee flavor with a creamy sweet essence. Yogurtland is also bringing back its Dulce De Leche flavor, which it says complements the new coffee option, as a LTO.

With more than 280 locations globally, Yogurtland offers 200 flavors of frozen desserts. The Cold Brew Coffee Light Ice Cream offers only 4.8 grams of fat 100 grams, compared to non-light versions which contain 10 grams of fat.


“We’re delighted to bring uplifting treats to our October menu with the introduction of Cold Brew Coffee Light Ice Cream and fall favorite Dulce de Leche,” says Brittany Knollmiller, Yogurtland senior marketing manager. “We used real ingredients like cold brew coffee and caramel to create these delicious flavors for our fans to enjoy.”

Photo credit: Yogurtland (free preview image)

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