Church’s Chicken rolls out its version of fried chicken sandwich

QSRs find popular menu item has become must-have

Church’s Chicken debuted its Fried Chicken Sandwich nationally, placing its own bet on the competitive trend. Several fast-food and fast-casual chains have launched chicken sandwiches in the last two quarters amid the popularity and accompanying success story of the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich. Moreover, Wendy’s just launched a fried Classic Chicken Sandwich after upgrading its chicken fillet.

Atlanta-based Church’s Chicken starts the sandwich with a white-meat chicken breast fillet that’s breaded with homestyle seasoning with buttermilk and then fried. Church’s Chicken team members add crunchy pickles and mayonnaise to the fillet, which is served inside a toasted brioche bun covered with a hint of honey butter.


What’s more, customers can also order the hot version. A Spicy Chicken Sandwich, packed with Texas heat, comes with spicy mayo sauce and is served with the restaurant’s jalapeño peppers on the side. According to the chain, the jalapeño peppers have been a staple since 1952.

“Our culinary team truly outdid themselves on this masterpiece, which combines everything great about Church’s, between two buns,” said Brian Gies, Church’s Chicken global chief marketing officer “It’s a culmination of 70 years of Down Home Flavor and fried chicken expertise brought into every bite.”

The sandwich goes for $3.99, and a meal with drink and regular fries costs $5.99 as part of a value deal.


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