BK, Tim Hortons continue deployment of drive-thru digital menu boards to enhance guest experience, average ticket

Popeyes brand to join deployment later this year

A new digital drive-thru experience began rolling out to Burger King and Tim Hortons locations with the help of digital menu boards with touchless payment capabilities powered by Verifone and predictive technology. As the global coronavirus pandemic continues and consumers seek out contactless ordering options, Restaurant Brands International (RBI), the parent of these restaurant concepts, is optimistic about the new experience.

Predictive-selling technology is a focal point of the investment for RBI and its franchise partners. Several factors will create suggestive selling that is highly-relevant to Burger King and Tim Hortons guests. (Popeyes will implement a deployment of the digital menu boards later this year.)

Several factors, including past order history, regional weather patterns, ordering patterns at a specific location, and time of day will make the experience more efficient and frictionless.

According to a Q3 earnings call held with analysts, the initial response to the rollout has been positive. RBI executives suggested there was real sales lift and a return on investment. Thus far, 800 Burger King have deployed the menu boards and 1,500 Tim Hortons have activated them. Mainly franchise partners will fund Burger King rollouts while RBI will fund many of the Tim Hortons deployments out of the ad fund.


More than 10,000 locations among Burger King, Tim Hortons and Popeyes will be enhanced. In addition to contactless payment, the menu boards will integrate loyalty programs to enhance personalization for customers that order at the drive-thrus. Oder and redemption history will also be part of the enhanced experience for loyalty customers.

At 30 of its stores, Tim Hortons has tested the loyalty program integration and its enhanced capabilities via Bluetooth, scanning and NFC (near-field communication).

A new digital drive-thru experience began rolling out to Burger King and Tim Hortons loca
Tim Hortons tested new digital menu boards with contactless payment technology powered by Verifone. Photo by RBI.

“We believe strongly that it is time to modernize our drive-thru lanes throughout the US and Canada to provide even better, quicker and contactless service for our guests,” said Jose Cil, RBI chief executive. “This includes presenting menu options on digital screens that are tailored for each guest, as well as integrating our loyalty program at the moment of ordering and providing remote, contactless payment to speed up our drive-thru lanes in the near future,”

Stratacache Media Engines powers the digital screens that will b e deployed. If any of the four digital screens in a standard drive-thru loses communication with its primary media player, announced RBI, there is sufficient redundancy that the secondary media player will take over and ensure that content continues to be displayed correctly. The company will also monitor RBI’s menu board 24/7.


The typical restaurant will deploy four digital menu boards and accompanying payment and guest-facing technology.

Photo credit: Restaurant Brands International (featured preview, inline images)

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