Chipotle Digital Kitchen, a to-go only concept, debuts in New York

Cultivate Center enables creativity, innovation for Chipotle

Chipotle Mexican Grill will open its first to-go only restaurant, known as the Chipotle Digital Kitchen. Opening November 14 outside Highland Falls, N.Y., the futuristic outlet will operate for pick-up orders and delivery only. With digital sales accounting for nearly half of the Newport Beach, Calif. chain’s sales, a pre-order, no prep-line restaurant makes sense.

This prototype is just one of the ideations coming from the Chipotle Cultivate Center in Irvine, Calif., which is situated near the corporate headquarters. The 22,000 square-foot facility features eco-friendly materials and showcases a sign from the first Chipotle restaurant the Mexican-style chain opened (1983) in its entranceway.


“The Digital Kitchen incorporates innovative features that will complement our rapidly growing digital business, while delivering a convenient and frictionless experience for our guests,” said Curt Garner, chief technology officer of Chipotle. “With digital sales tripling year over year last quarter, consumers are demanding more digital access than ever before so we’re constantly exploring new ways to enhance the experience for our guests.”

As a place for creativity and innovation, The Cultivate Center also serves as a test kitchen for the culinary team to test recipes. What’s more the space fosters brand growth since it houses a studio for filming commercials. Training and development also take place at Chipotle’s Cultivate Center. The Center for Excellence for Design and Construction can also freely develop new concepts there.


Over time, special events will take place in the space; the Board already uses the conference rooms for meetings. A consumer research center has also found a home in the Cultivate Center.

Photo credit: Chipotle Mexican Grill (featured preview image)

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