ezCater partners with Subway to grow sandwich chain’s catering business

Subway launches new catering platform via marketplace

ezCater announced its partnership with Subway to grow the Footlongs chain’s off-premises business. By creating a catering platform on the ezCater marketplace, the QSR sandwich-shop chain will simplify large catering orders for its customers. It also increases Subway’s digital-ordering capabilities.

The ezCater platform includes t75,000 catering and restaurant locations, creating a business catering marketplace that has been popular. The company is on a mission to help restaurant operators grow their catering business, through differentiated menus, operations and related technology.

“An online ordering experience optimized for today’s catering needs is critical so our guests have confidence their event will go smoothly,” said Renee Hourigan, senior director of Off-Premises Innovation at Subway.


Mike O’Hanlon, head of Catering Partner Business at ezCater, said, “Catering orders are moving online faster than ever and it’s critical to Subway’s growth plan to be where their customers are. And, who doesn’t want a Subway Footlong for their next meeting?”

Photo credit: Subway (featured preview image)

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