Brough Brothers, first Black-owned distillery in Kentucky, debuts

Historic distillery now has distribution in five states

Brough Brothers Distillery has become the first and only Black-owned distillery in the state of Kentucky. December brought Louisville the historic bourbon whiskey distillery. For founders Victor, Bryson, and Christian Yarbrough, the distillery is a milestone and a sign of their entrepreneurial spirit.

In addition to being an economic boost to the founders, Brough Brothers Distillery will also become a boost to the local economy based on the job creation that it will provide in the community of Park Hill. The neighborhood stands as an underserved area of the West End of Louisville, according to the company’s announcement.


The West End distillery was approved by the Federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau in 2018. Afterward, it was recognized by Kentucky’s Senate as the state’s first African-American-owned distillery in August 2020.

“At a time in history when there is much attention on Louisville, we are excited to represent positive change and hope for and on behalf of our city,” said Victor Yarbrough, Brough Brothers chief executive.

Brough Brothers will expand distribution to 20 states in 2021 based on the positive feedback from customers related to its smooth bourbon. Kroger, Total Wine and More, Trader Joes, and Walmart carry it and supply chain efforts are supported by distributors RNDC, JB, BBI, and SWGS. Currently, five states—Kentucky, Florida, Tennessee, Indiana, and Colorado—carry Brough Brothers Bourbon.


Photo credit: Brough Brothers Distillery (featured preview image)

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