Taco Cabana unveils new Pork Adobada, Gordita Bites, returns Beyond Meat

New Pork Adobada featured in Cabana Bowls, tacos

Taco Cabana rolled out new dishes, including Pork Adobada, a pork marinated in dried guajillo peppers and adobo spices. Featured in a new Cabana Bowl or taco. Plus, the Mexican-style chain introduced new cheesy Gordita Bites, filled inside with mozzarella cheese and topped with Cilantro Lime Ranch and cotija cheese.


And back for a limited time are Beyond Meat bowls and tacos, with optional salsa roja.

“We’re excited to bring new innovative tastes to TC, and our Pork Adobada and Gordita Bites are a great start to our 2021 menu,” said Richard Stockinger, prescient and chief executive of Fiesta Restaurant Group, Taco Cabana parent. “For those guests looking for plant-based options, we’re happy to re-introduce Beyond Meat tacos and bowls as well.”


Photo credit: Taco Cabana (featured preview image)

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