Shake Shack spotlights Korean-Style Fried Chick’n Sandwich, gochujang flavors

Gochujang Chick’n Bites, Black Sugar Vanilla Shake also added to menu

Shake Shack released a Korean-Style Fried Chick’n Sandwich, Korean Gochujang Chick’n Bites and gochujang-flavored menu items for a limited time. The move comes after their successful performance in South Korea. The Shake Shack Korean-Style Fried Chick’n Sandwich features spicy-sweet gochujang-glazed crispy chicken breast over a white kimchi slaw and toasted sesame seeds on a bun.

A partnership with Choi’s Kimchi Co. in Portland, Ore. made the new slaw for the sandwich possible. The white kimchi is made from fermented vegetables, which include Napa cabbage, daikon, radish, and green onion.

The family run business has hit a home run with its products, and its small-bath process attracted Shake Shack to eye the company as a supplier.

A sous-vide process in a buttermilk marinade is behind the chicken breast used on the sandwich. Shake Shack’s chicken breast comes fresh into stores, and not frozen, according to an announcement, and is free of antibiotics.


In addition to Shake Shack’s new chicken sandwich, additional items were added to the menu, including Korean Gochujang Chick’n Bites, a bounty of whole white meat chicken bites served with spicy-sweet gochujang mayo sauce, Korean Gochujang Fries, and Crispy crinkle cut fries served with spicy-sweet gochujang mayo sauce.

Shack Shack’s Korean-inspired limited-time offers celebrate gochujang, a red fermented paste that is a mix of spicy and sweet, rich with umami flavor.


The fast-casual burger chain also introduced a new Black Sugar Vanilla Shake. A caramel-esque, toasty black sugar is blended with vanilla frozen custard, made with real eggs, and then topped with whipped cream and black sugar syrup.

Photo credit: Shake Shack (featured preview image)

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