Torchy’s Tacos rolls out Low Rider, launches Queso-gram giveaway

Giveaway ties queso, brand, Valentine’s Day

Torchy’s Tacos launched a new Taco of the Month—the Low Rider—heavy on flavor and kick. The February Taco of the Month features grilled, marinated beef, sautéed cremini mushrooms, roasted poblanos and pickled onions with aged Manchego cheese, spicy horseradish cream, cilantro and Diablo Sauce. Torchy’s Tacos’ restaurants serve all the ingredients on a flour tortilla; the limited-time offer is priced at $6.50.

Also, by tagging a loved one in a Torchy’s Instagram post from January 29 to February 4, social media fans can win one of 100 Queso-gram deliveries, a package of “Queso love” that can be delivered anywhere in the contiguous United States, according to an announcement. The Torchy’s Queso-gram deliveries are in fact coolers with two jars of Green Chile Queso, Diablo Sauce and a limited-edition Torchy’s t-shirt.


“This new Taco of the Month packs big flavors, with savory, grilled beef and mushrooms, the spicy punch of horseradish and Diablo Sauce, and aged Manchego,” said Mike Rypka, founder of Torchy’s Tacos. “We think it’s a taco to remember and a great way to kick off the month of love!”

Torchy’s Tacos operates over 80 restaurants, with plans to open an additional 100 units in the next four years.

Photo credit: Torchy’s Tacos (featured preview image)

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