Butler Hospitality readies expansion to West Coast, Atlanta, Boston

Denver, DC Suburbs, Philadelphia also targets

Butler Hospitality, an enterprise that establishes ghost kitchens inside underutilized hotel restaurants, will expand to new markets from coast to coast, according to a recent announcement. With an aggressive goal of entering ten new markets by the beginning of 2022, it plans to expand into Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area.

There are additional expansion goals shared by the ghost-kitchen company that was originally founded in Chicago and now calls New York City home. Butler Hospitality is eying Atlanta, Denver, Philadelphia, Boston, and the Washington, DC suburbs in Virginia and Maryland. Currently, the hospitality-focused venture is expanding within its home markets of Greater Chicago and New York City.


In addition, Butler is also closing in on leases in Florida, particularly in Fort Lauderdale and Greater Orlando.

The ghost-kitchen company says it pays market rates for restaurant space and assumes responsibility for fulfilling internal food orders, even during slower periods.

“We are aggressively growing with our current property owner, management, and brand partners,” said Butler Hospitality Chief Executive Premtim Gjonbalic. “We want to make sure that we focus our resources where they will make the most impact and speed recovery for the industry.”


When Butler leases a hotel restaurant, it assumes execution of staffing, brand standards, and logistics, noted the company, which typically hires current staff of the restaurant.

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