Little Caesars brings back Pretzel Crust Pizza in 2021

Stuffed-crust, tomato-sauce selections available this year

Little Caesars returned its popular Pretzel Crust Pizza to its restaurants nationwide. The Detroit-based pizza chain indicated that the move follows a request from its customers and even a petition on The Pretzel Crust Pizza dates back to 2014 and is now back in 2021.

The buttery-flavored soft pretzel crust comes with creamy cheddar cheese sauce, mozzarella and Muenster cheeses, as well as pepperoni. Currently there are two upgrades available: optional cheese-stuffed crust or traditional tomato pizza sauce.


As a promotion for the Pretzel Crust Pizza return, Little Caesars will sell the pizza for $6 for a limited time. In addition, codes that the franchise will hide on social media athlete posts and a radio ad spot can unlock prizes, including Pretzel Crust pizza shoes, a Pretzel Crust area rug, and even a Pretzel Crust-themed moped. Customers can redeem these codes on to discover if their code is a winner.

“Pretzel Crust fans, we hear you,” said Jeff Klein, senior vice president of global marketing for Little Caesars. “This pizza is our most popular product request on social media, and we’re excited to bring it back while treating customers to a few surprises along the way.”


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