Habit Burger Grill features Patty Melt for limited time

LTO is a mix of grilled cheese sandwich, Charburger

The Habit Burger Grill added a Patty Melt, combining elements of a grilled cheese sandwich and also one of its Charburgers. The nostalgic limited-time offer (LTO)—heavy on comfort—is available for a limited time at restaurants nationwide.

As a cooked-to-order menu item, the Patty Melt features two seasoned chargrilled patties, topped with melted cheese and caramelized onions, then drizzled with Thousand Island sauce and served on toasted corn rye bread.

“With the Patty Melt, I wanted to create a sense of comfort, and ensure that it tastes just as delicious as our famous Charburger, but adding a twist with the tanginess of the sauce and crispness of the bread,” said Adam Baird, The Habit Burger Grill executive chef.


Irvine, Calif.-based The Habit Burger Grill operates and franchises 275 restaurants in 14 states.

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  1. How many calories in a patty melt?
    It was delicious! I opted out of the thousand island dressing. Didn’t miss it. Loved the sandwich!


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