BurgerFi debuts limited-time, spicy SWAG Burger

New menu addition amps up heat level with complex mix of flavors

BurgerFi introduced a SWAG Burger, available for a limited time, adding to its chef-inspired sandwiches. The new spicy wagyu burger starts with a double wagyu and brisket blend burger, with the restaurants adding charred jalapeños, candied ghost pepper bacon, for heat, sweet tomato relish, habanero pepper jack, and hot steak sauce.

Guests will recall the CEO Burger, which featured the same premium wagyu beef offering. The SWAG Burger takes it up a notch in textures and spiciness.


Paul Griffin, BurgerFi chief culinary officer since 2011 commented, “Once we had the idea of the spicy burger, it was fun to start playing with ingredients and textures. The candied ghost pepper bacon is perfect for those guests who are more adventurous. That mixed with the boldness of wagyu and creaminess and kick of habanero pepper jack cheese really rounds out the burger to make it one of the most flavorful menu items created at BurgerFi.”

Burgers are the top protein entree served at restaurants, according to The NPD Group. In fact, burgers are included in 10% of restaurant orders.

“Creating this spicy (SWAG) burger sensation is another example of how we’re redefining the way the world eats burgers,” said Julio Ramirez, BurgerFi CEO. “BurgerFi will always find ways to continue to grow, pioneer trends and create iconic offerings as part of our mission to provide the best burger experience.”


BurgerFi will offer the limited-time menu item through May 9, 2021. Founded in 2011, BurgerFi operates and franchises 125 locations nationwide.

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