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Tijuana Flats unveils prototype store in Ocoee, Florida

New prototype debuts as fast casual restarts franchising

Tijuana Flats opened a new restaurant in Ocoee, Florida, debuting its Tijuana prototype model. The corporate location offers the first sample of a new interior design and updated look as it restarts franchising and ramps up expansion.

Higher ceilings and a more expansive layout differentiate the Ocoee Tijuana Flats prototype. Digital menu boards will provide managers and franchisees a way to update food offerings more regularly. Plus, digital displays actively promote specials and new offerings, and can also include the latest news headlines.

Tijuana Flats debuts new, more spacious design with higher ceilings as it ramps up franchising
Tijuana Flats debuts new, more spacious design with higher ceilings. Photo by Tijuana Flats.

Executives expect expansion outside of Florida to come from multi-unit operators.

“We identified a great piece of real estate for this location which includes a beautiful indoor seating area and a patio,” said Eric Taylor, Tijuana Flats VP of Development. “This restaurant will also be equipped with the latest technology to help make it easier for customers to order food to go.”

In the coming months, Tijuana Flats plans six openings, half of which are corporation locations that are slated for its home state of Florida.

Brian Wright, Tijuana Flats chief executive, added, “We are planning to expand rapidly by opening a combination of corporate-owned restaurants and franchise locations.”


Tijuana Flats, 11024 W Colonial Drive, Suite 50, Ocoee, FL 34761

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