Roti reopens 20 restaurants after refresh, revamps Mediterranean menu

Fast-casual chain spotlights bold flavors, protein-diverse menu options

Roti has reopened 20 restaurants with a refreshed look and a revamped menu focused on bolder, fresher flavors. The fast-casual Mediterranean chain will offer customers fresh meal options and also elevate the customer service experience. Roti also announced it will guide customers more comprehensively through the build-you-own process, as well as add new curated bowls.

The changes to the menu come after extensive research by the chain, which included taste-tests. Venecia Willis, Roti culinary director, refreshed the menu. Additional training sessions with staff helped them become more familiarized with a menu that now puts the spotlight on Roti’s protein-diverse options.

A Chicken Caulipower bowl features a plant-based cauliflower rice option. Chicken roti, tomato, and cucumber are layered on a bowl of marinated cabbage, feta, pepperoncini, and cauliflower rice, with garlic and green’s hugs sauces. A Fire & Rice bowl turns up the heat with spicy steak. The Salmon on the Greens bowl highlights the Chicago-based restaurant chain‘s seafood protein.

View the menu here.

“The Mediterranean diet offers health benefits by incorporating age-old ingredients that have withstood the test of time,” said Willis. “Although some of these ingredients may be new to the US, their culinary history dates back hundreds of years, and we’re excited to give them our own spin.”


In addition, New Apple playlists will welcome diners to the refreshed restaurants and revitalized menu and vibe.

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