BurgerFi offers Dunkaroos Shake in Miami, New York City markets

Nostalgic cookie treat plays big role in limited-time custard shake offering

BurgerFi teamed up with General Mills for the release of its Dunkaroos Shake, featuring the kids’ treat popular in the 90’s. The Dunkaroos Shake will be available in the Miami, Florida and New York City markets for a limited time.

Dunkaroos originally landed on shelves in 1992, but was discontinued in 2012 until its comeback last summer. Frozen custard shakes have been positioned prominently on the BurgerFi menu. Now, the custard-based Dunkaroos Shake mixes vanilla frozen custard with Dunkaroos cookies and comes topped with rainbow sprinkles and Dunkaroos cookies.


“For the Dunkaroos shake, we took our classic vanilla shake and added a fun twist to it by combining it with everyone’s favorite ’90s snack to allow guests to reminisce back to their childhood,” says Paul Griffin, BurgerFi chief culinary officer. “We wanted to recreate that fun, magical experience that our guests felt when they opened their lunchbox and saw the best childhood snack.”

Executives appear optimistic about the upcoming performance of the nostalgic treat played up in the Dunkaroos Shake. The Palm Beach, Fla.-based chain has had its eye on a partnership with Dunkaroos as its resurgence has continued.

“We have a young, dynamic team at BurgerFi in the same age range as many of our guests,” said Julio Ramirez, chief executive of BurgerFi. “And Dunkaroos was part of their childhood. So we’re excited about the idea of taking this fun brand and giving it a BurgerFi twist creating a unique offering with our better than ice cream custard shakes.”


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