Rubio’s Coastal Grill launches Street Tacos Plate with Chef Richard Blais

Hula Hula Carnitas, Blaised & Glazed Crispy Chicken, Ancho Po-Boy Shrimp form inspired ensemble

Rubio’s Coastal Grill launched a partnership with Chef Richard Blais, TV personality, restaurateur, and cookbook author, to bring to the menu Rubio’s x Blais Street Tacos. The James Beard-nominated chef helped craft the new Street Taco Plate, which provides customers with flavors inspired by Hawaii, New Orleans, La., and New York City.

The Hawaiian-influenced Hula Hula Carnitas. Blaised & Glazed Crispy Chicken,and Ancho Po-Boy Shrimp form the trio that makes up the creative ensemble, which is available May 20, 2021.

Fast-casual Rubio’s, known for its fish tacos and founded in 1983 in San Diego, has developed Chef Blais’ daring recipe for on-premises dining and to-go orders. Customers can mix and match the customizable Rubio’s x Blais entree with any three street tacos, served with a side of house black beans and warm tortilla chips.

“After a year of quarantine and travel restrictions, we are all craving new adventures and tastes,” said Ralph Rubio, the chain’s co-founder. “The new Rubio’s x Blais Street Tacos remind us of favorite destinations, from Hawaiian-influenced Hula Hula Carnitas to the craveable Blaised & Glazed Crispy Chicken, inspired by spicy Buffalo chicken wings, to the Ancho Po-Boy Shrimp, a modern take on the New Orleans classic.” .

All Rubio’s Coastal Grill locations across California, Arizona and Nevada will serve the new Street Tacos as of May 20.


Chef Blais, added, “The bar was set high to craft all-new tacos that not only rivaled the Original Fish Taco in craveability, but to create flavor and texture combinations that evoked memories of great travel adventures. We had so many ideas that we ended up leaving 17 taco recipes on the cutting room floor. The final three Rubio’s x Blais Street Tacos are truly the best of the best.”

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