BurgerFi keeps SWAG Burger LTO on menu permanently

Popular LTO becomes fixture as chain declares victory in data-driven menu development process

BurgerFi has put the SWAG (Spicy Wagyu) Burger on the permanent menu. The once limited-time offer (LTO) had debuted in March and was to be removed in May and extended into June. Now this week marks the launch of the burger as a permanent sandwich.

The SWAG Burger is prepared with a double-Wagyu and brisket-blend patty, charred jalapeños, ghost pepper bacon, sweet tomato relish, Pepper Jack cheese, and hot steak sauce. The mix of spices and juxtaposed flavors has been a hit with customers.

Henry Gonazlez, chief marketing officer of BurgerFI, noted that the SWAG Burger came to life through a data-driven approach. He suggested the sandwich was concept-tested to gauge its real revenue potential at stores. Then, the Palm Beach, Fla-based burger chain created strong campaigns with the marketing team and agency partners to promote the item.


In addition, the premium burger addition benefited from a strong PR effort and execution on digital platforms. Creative collateral on digital channels were monitored for performance to assess which ones delivered the best results.

“It all starts with having a great concept and product created by our very own Chef Paul Griffin,” added Gonzalez. “In the midst of all the buzz around the spicy chicken wars, we felt that changing it up with a spicy premium burger was the right product at the right time. Our company and franchise restaurant teams overcame labor and staffing challenges and did a great job executing the product and delivering a great guest experience,”

The CEO Burger and the Banana Churro Shake were also added as permanent menu items after successful LTO debuts.

“We love when LTOs have such a huge demand that they turn into staples,” said Paul Griffin, chief culinary officer at BurgerFi. “It gives us additional motivation and drive to get creative and push the boundaries of the typical fast-casual burger chain.”


He noted that three elements of the team innovation helped bolster the SWAG Burger’s success: the jalapeños were seared into the beef, the team picked a premium Wagyu blend and it used a candied ghost pepper bacon, which takes longer to make, but ultimately delivers on flavor.

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