Freddy’s Frozen Custard taps seasoned development team, led by Andrew Thengvall

Mary Coots, Todd Phelps part of leadership group on fast track

Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers has beefed up its development team with seasoned executives, including Andrew Thengvall, as it plans accelerated expansion. Thengvall, who was recently named chief development officer, will lead the group, working with Mary Coots, director of franchise development and Todd Phelps, director of franchise real estate.

Thengvall is a veteran of the quick-service chain, having served in the role of senior vice president of strategic growth and chief legal officer. He brought more than a decade of legal experience when he joined Freddy’s in 2015. In addition his work in strategic franchise growth has developed an additional set of highly-prized skills.

Coots, who joined Freddy’s Frozen Custard this May, most recently served as senior franchise sales manager at Global Franchise Group. Todd Phelps joined the Freddy’s team in June, having held leadership positions during his career, including real estate director at The Wendy’s Company, and serving in real estate manager positions at, Great Clips and GolfTEC.

“Andrew Thengvall’s dedication to advising and strengthening the Freddy’s brand has been stellar and we have the utmost trust in his ability to continue to accelerate our franchise growth in this expanded position,” said Chris Dull, Freddy’s chief executive. “We are thrilled that he has taken on this new role and excited to see him lead this skilled and enthusiastic team of experts to capitalize on our opportunities for expansion, as one of the fastest-growing franchises in the country.”


Thengvall’s team will be responsible for the process flow of recruiting and training new franchisees, as well as developing the franchise pipeline and growing franchise sales. This development group brings three decades of franchise experience combined above and beyond Thengvall’s decade of legal expertise.

“I’m very excited to welcome Mary and Todd to our team and look forward to the new ideas and expertise they will bring to the brand’s franchise development strategy,” said Thengvall. “In the midst of such an exciting period of growth for Freddy’s, their combined wealth of franchise sales and real estate experience will be a valuable asset as we define our growth plans and decisions.”

Freddy’s Frozen Custard is targeting the Northeast, Upper Midwest, California, Florida, Oregon, and Washington, plus large metro areas, such as Pittsburgh and surrounding markets, for area development.


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