Popeyes rolls out Chicken Nuggets across stores in Canada, United States

Popeyes new Chicken Nuggets are now available at its stores in Canada, the 50 United States and the island of Puerto Rico. The chain says its Nuggets’ taste resembles the flavor profile of its Chicken Sandwich, which has been a top seller.

The Restaurant Brands International subsidiary is suggesting an end to the “chicken wars” and a time to celebrate its nuggets. What’s more, Popeyes is putting the spotlight on its 8-piece pack in new advertising, earned and social media placements, including a spot with a Piece Flag (see related video).

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Popeyes restaurants prepare the Chicken Nuggets with the same flour and buttermilk batter as the chicken sandwich in-store daily, which provides a crispy exterior and juicy taste experience, announced the chain.

“The launch of our Chicken Sandwich was incredible, and we’re humbled by the amount of love and positive reviews, but at the same time many claimed that it started the chicken wars. Now, it’s time to say goodbye to the chicken wars and celebrate our new Nuggets, because we come in ‘piece,’ 8 piece to be exact,” said Bruno Cardinali, Popeyes chief marketing officer.

The white-breast chicken nuggets can be ordered in packs ranging from 4 pieces to 36 pieces. Eight-piece orders come with two signature sauces.

“Our hope is that today guests who can finally try our new Chicken Nuggets will say to themselves: Popeyes did it again,” said Amy Alarcon, vice president of Culinary Innovation at Popeyes. “And to us, that means showing the world what they should come to expect when they order Chicken Nuggets.”


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