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Bonchon puts whitelabel DoorDash platform in spotlight with weeklong free delivery

Promotion extended exclusively on wings chain’s app and website

Bonchon is doubling down on its whitelabel platform with DoorDash, promoting it with free delivery to customers for orders made on its app and website from September 13 to September 19, 2021. Available nationwide, the weeklong special offer promoted by the Korean-style wings casual-dining chain is launching as football season starts.

Bonchon has enhanced its digital capabilities in the past year with a whitelabel fulfillment solution from DoorDash, providing what the wings chain describes as a “seamless, positive ordering and delivery experience.”


“Giving our customers an easy and enjoyable experience is part of the Bonchon commitment to offering the best guest experience—be it at one of our restaurants or through a simple online ordering and delivery process,” said Flynn Dekker, Bonchon chief executive. . We are thrilled to partner with DoorDash on this fantastic free delivery promotion, and hope everyone takes advantage of it!

Offered exclusively on the Bonchon USA app or at, the free delivery offer, with no minimum purchase required, will last until September 19.

Founded in 20002 and established in 2006 in the United States, Bonchon operates and franchises more than 100 restaurants in the country.


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